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VB1 - VaporBrothers The Original Vaporizer

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The vaporizer VaporBrothers the Original is coming to France with its European version.

Created by pioneers of the vaporization, the pleasure of natural vaporization, healthy and efficient.

One of the best available desktop vaporizer.

Simple design, stylish, efficient, The Original Vaporbrothers vaporizer will surprise you by its heating power!

Big inhalations possible.

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Est-ce pour des plantes / substrats résineux uniquement ou aussi des huiles essentielles / concentrés?Pour des plantes uniquement, résine avec accessoire en option

Discover this vaporizer The Original by Vaporbrothers Vaporizer.

This desktop vaporizer is the European version of the vaporization pioneer – since 1999 –

VaporBrothers France – the pleasure of a natural vape.

The vaporizer that started everything, the VaporBrothers The Original is one of the vaporizer offering generous puffs, flavorful, when you want, in an intuitive way.

-See the video below-

Purchasing a vaporizer VaporBrothers The Original includes receiving:

-A vaporizer VaporBrothers

-An aroma bulb to vaporize your essential oils.

-A wooden dabber to mix your plants

-A transfert stick to put your plants.

-A hose made of medical silicon

-A mouthpiece made of glass

-A sticker! ;)


A 10g mix of plants (Damiana or other according to the availability)

Characteristics of the vaporier VaporBrothers The Original:

Aromatherapy and essential oils diffuser vaporizer.

Heating element in pure ceramic – no leak of tastes or toxins. Lifetime guarantee

Heats in 3 min.

Can stay lit for hours.

Compatible with plants, resins and oils/concentrates/ dabs (with accessories)

Hands free inhalation kit

Works with A/C power

RoHS standards

Made in the US


This vaporizer is one of the desktop vaporizer we like the most among the large selection of the market. And this for many reasons.

First of all, the quality of manufacture, 100% made in USA.

The silicon from the hose is of medical quality, neutral in taste.

Air path 100% made of glass = everything for a really pleasant aromatic experience.

A powerful coil made of ceramic Ai203

Its coil is more powerful than those of the competitors like the vaporizer Arizer Extreme Q for example, which allows bigger inhalations and more often.

Easy to manipulate, it will satisfy the beginners and the experimented ones.


With its potentiometer you can adjust it to produce nearly as much vapor as its most tenacious competitors on the market like the Vapexhale Cloud.

It can also be really soft thanks to a single hand move and produce more delightful flavors puffs for a longer time.

Really easy to manipulate, everything, including the screen, can be taken off and cleaned quickly.


Instruction Manual of the VaporBrothers:

-Turn on the vaporizer by spinning the button to the right – The LED turns on and the heating starts – then put it on the max position.

-Wait for 3 – 5min, then spin the button in the other side to decrease the heat power and select the one you want.

-For a first use, we advise you to begin, for example, to the 11h45 position, see below if you wish to preserve the aromas and small puffs.

This is a great average position, knowing that these vaporizer are hand-manufactured and hand-adjusted, each unit will heat in a slightly different way.

-Fill the vaporization chamber manually or by drawing via the mouthpiece, the chamber is placed above your previously grinded plants.

-Connect the chamber with the heat, draw, and disconnect your vaporization chamber (or not). Don’t forget to blow ^^.

-Piece of advice: Plan to end your inhalation once your chamber disconnected to cool down your plants and stop any process of vaporization because your chamber stay hot during a couple dozen of seconds if you don’t.

-Between the puffs, use a dabber to dab your plants to be sure everything will be vaporize.

-Once your plants turns burnt brown, they taste like popcorn and don’t produce vapor anymore, your session is over.

You can turn off your vaporizer by spinning the button to the left completely.


Here is an introduction video to the vaporizer VaporBrothers The Original:



In this video of the VaporBrothers Original, the vaporizer was set to 12h.

For an equivalent render of flavors the setting of the button can change according to temperatures of the room and especially the inhalation power of the user.

The stronger you inhale the smaller the puff is

The softer you inhale the bigger the puff is.

This principle apply to every vaporizer of the market.


Warning: This vaporizer can burn you plants if you put a too high setting and/or inhale too slowly on a powerful setting.

Our piece of advice to avoid this is to start with the lowest setting possible and increase progressively up to 11h45-12h and stop when the plants become burnt brown.

If you plants are burnt black, this is a sign of sub-combustion – To avoid absolutely.



Be careful with the copies of this vaporizer.

We are far away from the entry-level vaporizer like the VaporNoble USA, Vapor Daddy and other cheap vaporizers. These generally don’t heat enough or heat too much, and the air path often includes electronic parts and plastic instead of medical silicon.

No lead metal, no mercury and no CR6+.


Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying a VB1 -VaporBrothers The Original? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

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