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HerbalAire Elite - Desktop vaporizer

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HA Elite

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The HerbalAire H3 vaporizer is manufactured by the Canadian company HerbalAire, existing on the market since 2004.

The HerbalAire Elite vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that allows a direct inhalation or the filling of a balloon with vape.

Possibility of a connection to a bong/glass piece.

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Buying a HerbalAire vaporizer is receiving:

-1 HerbalAire Elite vaporizer

-1 HerbalAire Elite pump to inflate the balloons.

-10 balloons.

-2 slip rings

-2 mouthpieces.

-1 Mouthpiece Elite Kit (Mouthpiece, 2 extensions, 1 attachable crucible, 1 cool off chamber and 1 cleaning tool).

- 1 90 cm hose/whip.

- 1 instructions manual in English, for any questions, call us.

-3 years guarantee.

Technical characteristics of the HerbalAire Elite vaporizer:

-Temperature control with an accuracy of 1 degree between 125 and 200°C.

The temperature sensor is sensitive enough that your vaporizer adapt itself to the room’s temperature and its environment.

--Thick and dense puffs thanks to a unique airflow system coupled with a removable bowl. Bigger puffs than the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

-- Distribution of the optimum heat in order to extract as many active ingredients as possible in one shot, thereby avoiding the last inhalations with some vapor and flavor and allows maximum vaporization efficiency.

This is the result of the heat distribution system, 18 micro air jets arriving on the herb when you inhale or when the pomp is sending air to fill the vapor balloon.

-No percolation, between puffs, the herb is cold and don’t vaporize itself. This allows to save plants but also a better preservation of the aromas/terpenes.

-The bowl is removable which allows to put and remove plants easily.

Directly compatible with a glass bong whose joints size are of 14 or 18mm.

-100% Teflon Air flow for a good flavor rendering. The air inhaled is completely isolated from the heating elements or the electronic monitoring.

-The HerbalAire’s shell is made of glass filled with Nylon for daily shocks resistance.

- Auto-shut off mode (automatic stop) after 30 minutes.

-Rising in temperature in less than 2 min. A LED tells you when the selected temperature is reached.

-Possibility to vape directly in the mouthpiece, or with the whip or to inflate a balloon filled with dense vapor.

-The HerbalAire pump is programmable for an automatic stop once the balloon is inflated according to your desires.

Functioning of the HerbalAire Elite vaporizer:

Clicking on the middle button turns on the device. The selection of the temperature is made with the – and + buttons located around the central button.

Once the selected temperature is reached, a green LED turns on.

Once the bowl is filled, insert it above the device, insert the closing mouthpiece and the vaporizer is ready to be used.

You can either directly suction, plug the whip, inflate the balloon or directly connect it to your bong/water pipe

Piece of advice:

Between each puff, it is possible to remove the bowl containing the chambers which will cool it down and preserve your plants and flavors between each inhalations.

To clean your HerbalAire, it’s very simple:

Remove the mouthpiece, chamber and removable bowl.

Everything is to be cleaned with soaped hot water, rubbing alcohol or with limpuro for example.

Our opinion, after testing this desktop vaporizer:

The HerbalAire Elite is a good vaporizer, we enjoyed the adjustable temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree, bigger puffs, thicker than the Volcano vaporizer or the Extreme Q Vaporizer.

The vaporization of the plants is very homogenous which is pretty rare in a vaporizer with a whip where most of the plants are not always well exposed to the heat during the inhalation.

The plants protection system against the heat is well made and enables to preserve the flavors and your plants, with the less percolation possible unlike the Extreme Q Arizer for example.

It is also perfect for the glass lovers like bong/bubbler etc…

As much as we did not appreciate the previous HerbalAire vaporizers like the 2.2, this one, on the contrary, brings a real vapor quality and good aromas for an interesting price.

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying the HerbalAire Elite by HerbalAire? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

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