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IceTube XL vaporizer- Herborizer Vaporizer

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Herborizer Icetube XL Desktop vaporizer is the adjustable temperature version of the Herborizer Vaporizer.

Supplied with a glass bong called Icetube because it’s equipped with a glass dabber allowing to block the ice cube in the bang.

A Desktop vaporizer with good flavors capable of giving small and big puffs

Discover the pleasure of the French vapor, the quality of the aroma guaranteed 

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Est-ce pour des plantes / substrats résineux uniquement ou aussi des huiles essentielles / concentrés?des huiles essentielles / concentrés
Choisissez votre priorité n°1 parmi ces possibilitésBouffée importante
Type de vaporisateurVaporisateur portable
Dimensions45cm de hauteur
Affichage de la températureAnalogique
Tube flexibleEn option
Température ajustableOui
Précision de la températureNon
Filtre eauOui
Type de ChauffeElectrique
Arrêt automatiqueNon
Garantie1 an
Amplitude de températurede 90° à 230°C

Product information sheet

Herborizer with its vaporizer’s offer is on the market since many years. Winner of several well-known contests and is especially produced in the South of France; this vaporizer and all of its accessories are available on our website and shop!

The XL Icetube Herborizer vaporizer is easy to use, a vaporizer which will gives you big puffs and a good pure taste through its clean filtering of the air.

The French style-luxury in the vape world!

To Buy a Herborizer XL vaporizer is to receive:

The Herborizer ICETUBE XL vaporizer

Operates at variable temperature 90° to 230°C, for vaporization many medicinal plants, oils and resins.

Stainless surgical steel waterproof heating coil with a power of 36W

Cooling of vapor by ice. Operates on 100/ 240VAC and 12VDC

That is to say:

The Herborizer bang+ an XL Herborizer system: the heating body, firebox, injector, dabber, temperature controller, AC adapter and EU power cord.

Black and green “Herborizer” logo on the body, the bowl and the injector

Total height: 45cm

Diameter: 5cm

Thickness: 5mm

Laboratory joint: 18;8 mm

Temperature at Herborizer with (or without) temperature controller

The classic models functions with an ideal constant temperature for most of the resinous plants. We are no longer selling them because we think that it’s too bad to skip the temperature controller just for a couple of extra euros.

Instead, we only offers the XL systems, that is to say, those with the adjustable temperature.

The XL models are equipped with a temperature controller for a more precise experience because all the actives ingredients of the plants don’t emit the same temperature. We also advise them if you want to use plants that are very resinous or pure vegetable oil.

The first and only quality French vaporizer!

You can find our range of Herborizer products here:

On the market for many years and produced in the south of France, this vaporizer is available in our shop. La Centrale Vapeur is wearing with pleasure and honor the colors of Herborizer and its entire range of products!

This French vaporizer is easy to use and functions thanks to an exclusive method of extraction by warm air injection.

This injector is swirling the hot air around the plant and so vaporize the actives ingredients by unhooking them from the plant material.

This exclusive method was created and perfected by Herborizer which allows to obtain a thick and very aromatic vapor, on demand, thanks to a soft and deep inhalation.

This vaporizer is particularly effective with the resinous plants: thyme, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, pine, lemon balm, mint…

This is what distinguish us from others competitors and makes it such a one of its kind model, esthetic and especially EFFECTIVE! So effective that it was elected product of the year in 2008 in a foreign contest.

The Herborizer vaporizer can be purchased with different bong models or on its own, that’s the XL system Herborizer which can be attached /connected on your bong.

All of them have in common that they are meant to be used with a water chamber which allows you to moisturize the vapors in order to render the softest vaporization. Hot water, cold water, flavored water… the possibilities are endless!

A little LCV piece advice: the hot water allows the action of the essential oils to be more effective through a better absorption of the lungs. This is what happens during an inhalation above a bowl with hot water for example!

A more detailed description of this little pearl mixing art and technology:

The injector made by Herborizer

It’s an exclusive swirling heat convection system. Like this during a regulated inhalation, the air is entering the injector, it’s then compressed against the conductive walls of the heating element, then scattered inside of the bowl. This creates a swirling hot air around the plant.

A little LCV advice: a soft and deep inhalation allows the small particles of your herbs to avoid passing directly through the screen.

Universal compatibility.

Indeed, the systems at Herborizer are all equipped with standard laboratory joints of 18.8 mm, made of glass, the systems are interchangeables on the different water chambers. We are also proposing 14.5mm (standard) joints so that you can vaporize your plants on all water chambers which have hoses of such diameter.

Quality and Art made by Herborizer.

Why glass?

Well, it’s not only for the esthetic aspect but more because glass is a neutral material, which is not altering the taste of the plant. Furthermore it’s very hygienic because it’s easy to clean. Finally, this allows to appreciate while observing the full process during the inhalation.

More technical information:

The Herborizer is entirely made of Pyrex (borosilicate glass). This glass was selected because it’s often used for the realization of laboratory’s devices and is very resistant to shocks and extreme temperatures.

More artistical information:

All the pieces from the Herborizer are hand-blown by experimented and specialized in laboratory glasswork glass blowers working with a torch.

More artistic information:

All the Herborizer’s pieces are hand-blown by experimented and specialized in laboratory glassware glass blowers with torches.

The heating element:

Herborizer selected a high efficiency surgical steel heating resistor with a big inertia and a low consumption (20W).

You can use your Herborizer on a battery or a solar system in 12 volts!

Furthermore, unlike some vaporizers of dubious quality- don’t look here, LCV wouldn’t dare proposing them to you- the air is not in contact with the heating coil. The latter is made of nickel chromium and is compressed in ceramic inside of an airtight cap made of surgical steel.

The longevity of these heating resistors is estimated to last more than 10 years for a daily use.

The water filtration

The tube and Sphere vaporizers are conceived to contain a little bit of water. It moisturize the vapor and act like a particles filter that can pass through the screen because of the heat’s action.

Furthermore, in the Tube models, the water can be replaced by ice cubes for a maximum of freshness

The guarantee

All the electrical system of the XL Icetube Herborizer vaporizer is guaranteed for 1 year. Beyond that, the guarantee will no longer be available but in case of a problem or damage, Herborizer assured a high quality and effective After-Sales services for everything that is: reparations, cleaning and replacement of parts.

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying the vaporizer IceTube XL by Herborizer? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you want to buy a vaporizer in Paris, our shop of vaporizer and e-cig, is 200 meters away from Voltaire's subway station on the line 9, at 74 rue Sedaine 75011 Paris.

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