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Proto Vape- Inexpensive portable vaporizer.

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An inexpensive portable vaporizer of quality, here’s the Proto vape! The worthy heir of the Proto pipe, famous smoking model of the 90s.

Provided with its carry case, this vaporizer can be also used like a classic pipe(however, we do not recommend this).

It vaporizes effectively, plants, resins, concentrates, etc…

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Product information sheet.

A new born and worthy successor of the proto pipe, here’s the proto vape.

An inexpensive portable vaporizer, it’s easy and devilishly efficient.

The kit’s contents:

-1 carry case.

-1 allen wrench.

-1 proto pipe.

A Pyrex cylinder of high quality to transform it into a vaporizer. The flame can be in contact with the glass unlike the smoke bubble or the vape lifter.

Warning, even though the glass is much thicker, too much heating can still break it like any pieces made of glass.

A small metal cylinder to contain your plants and resins, this one can be screwed on the Proto Vape which make it very discreet.

This portable vaporizer functions with a torchlighter, however with this we don’t guarantee a good functioning even thought it still works.

Small tip: it is possible to heat this vaporizer with a very hot ember or a very bulb, just like the Vaponic portable vaporizer!


-Grind your plants/resins and put them in the glass vials.

-Unscrew the bottom of the Proto Vape so that you can screw the glass vial.

-Open the bowl from above (this one serve to put the herbs when you use it as a pipe) which allows the fresh air to come in when you inhale.

-A few seconds before inhaling, heats the glass vial thanks to your torchlight by doing a quick back and forth motion under the glass.

-As soon as a light vapor is forming in the vial, inhale.

-Some users inhale when they are heating the glass, some prefers to heat then inhale, it is up to you to choose the method that you like the most.

In any case this inexpensive vaporizer will need a small learning curve to vaporize your plants/resins well without burning them.

Maintenance of the Proto vape portable vaporizer.

To clean your glass vaporizer is very important because the dirt on the glass will damage the taste of your plants.

To clean it, soak your Proto Vape portable vaporizer in a cleaning solution like rubbing alcohol, you can find it in drug store, then a little bit of hot soapy water or for cleaner and quicker results, use a solution like Bio Cleaner Black Leaf, you can find it here.

Remember to rinse the Proto Vape and wipe the possible remaining drops on the walls of this portable vaporizer.

Let it dry before any utilization and be sure that any flavors due to the cleaner have disappeared.

If you wish for a portable vaporizer or a more qualitative desktop vaporizer, we invite you to look at the electrical vaporizers that we propose.

To use it as a pipe, you have to bring the torchligher directly to the plants’ level without using the glass vial… we don’t recommend that because it’s a hardcore combustion.

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