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VapCap Original DynaVap Vaporizer - Portable vaporizer.

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The VapCap Original is the first vaporizer from the American brand Dynavap.

Made of glass, very small, it works with a lighter or any other source of heat.

An Ingenious system allows you to control the temperature by the sound of a “click” during the heating.

One torch lighter offered

Compatible with plants and resins

This small cheap vaporizer is great

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Product information sheet

The VapCap Original is a very small non-electric portable vaporizer as it preferably works with a torch lighter or any other heat source, such as its predecessor and competitor Vaponic.

The real innovation of Dynavap, present on all the portable vaporizers of the brand Dynavap vaporizer is the control of temperature by sound.

As soon as the evaporation temperature is reached (about 190°C), the cap of the vaporizer emits a small click indicating that the heating must be stopped immediately.

A second stronger click informs you that you must stop because the combustion is too close.

As soon as the vaporizer is cold enough for a second heating cycle, a third click goes off.

Your Dynavap vaporizer is then ready to be heated again until you hear another click, which indicates that the vaporization temperature is reached and that VapCap no longer needs to be heated. And so on.

Besides, a small hole located on the device, just below the mouthpiece allows you to control the airflow and therefore the density of your inhalations.

Finally, its size, and the way you use it make it an inexpensive portable vaporizer, perfect for resins.

The VapCap is therefore a very ingenious and very easy to use a portable vaporizer. Available in several materials.

The VapCap Original is the cheapest Dynavap vaporizer.

Made of glass, stainless steel and medical grade silicone, it creates a pure and intense vapor when you feel like it.

The flavors and vapor density produced by the VapCar are impressive, its size and its simplicity of employment and brilliant.

Is to be discovered by any fan of vaporizers that respects himself/herself and that needs and additional high-quality portable vaporizer.

To buy a VapCap original glass vaporizer is to receive:

  • 1 VapCap Original vaporizer

  • 1 Dynavap carry stem.

  • 1 packet of 10 grams of plants (Damania or other)

  • 1 carry case offered by LCV

Do you want to buy a torch lighter of your choice for your Vapcap portable vaporizer?

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Buying a bubbler for your vaporizer allows to moisturize and cool down your vapor which is enjoyable for the temperature above 200°C as well for the throats sensitive to the dry vapor, or cold.

On the picture, the Dynavap vaporizer is assembled on the bubbler with a fat mouthpiece, available here:

Another solution for connecting your Dynavap vaporizer with a bong with a 14mm joint:

-The cheapest solution: Your mouthpiece surrounded by a moist kitchen towel to make a full joint.

Technical characteristics of the VapCap Original vaporizer:

- Glass, medical silicone and stainless steel.

- Very small

- Light = 9.13g

- Heats up in seconds (3 to 5 seconds) with a torch lighter

- Can be heated with any heat source (candle, ember, bulb etc)

- Temperature more or less variable when know-how to handle it, Depending on the location of the flame during heating.

Instructions manual of the VapCaP Orignial

First, we advise you to practice with a vaporizer without any substance.

- Remove the metal cap

- Fill the glass end of the VapCap (not the cap) with grinded dry plants or resin.

- Close the cap of the VapCap Vaporizer Dynavap

- Heat the VapCap on the side of the Metal cap while turning until you hear a click

- WARNING: DO NOT HEAT FROM THE TIP!! But only on the sides of the cap (see the video below).

- After the 1st click, stop the heating and inhale.

- If you continue to heat after the first click, a second click will be heard indicating that it’s necessary to stop the heating because otherwise the combustion will take place and this overheating tends to damage the cap.

- Before relaunching the heating:

- Wait for a 3rd (or 30 seconds if you didn’t hear anything) to let it cool down

- You can then repeat the procedure and heat up until you hear a click and so on until your bowl is fully vaporized (burnt brown plant and no more steam).

- To fill and empty the bowl of your VapCap, a simple aspiration and then a simple blow of breath is enough

- However, to avoid burning yourself, you need to be careful, so remember to let your VapCap cool down before putting your fingers on it.

How to clean up the VapCaP Original Dynavap?

Cleaning this portable vaporizer is quite easy and fast, here is the procedure we recommend:

  • Dissemble totally your vaporizer VapCap Dynavap

  • Soak all the pieces in boiling water for 1 minute

  • Take them out, wipe and soak them inside a ziplock bag containing rubbing alcohol for 2min and shake a little

  • Remove them, rinse them with clear water then soak them in a boiling water containing a bit cleanser like limpuro (or other) for 5 min

  • Rinse with clear water

  • Here you go, your VapCaP vaporiser is brand new, without any smell and ready to follow you, wherever you go and where you want to take it.

Our opinion after testing and reviewing OmniVonG VapCap:

The VapCap is surprisingly easy to use.

The control of the temperature by a click sound is very ingenious and allows a complete vapor experience without combustion.

Its components allow a very good rendering of the aromas, a complete and rapid extraction of active ingredients.

A ‘must have’ for any enthusiast of vape and especially a very good additional vaporizer

If you only compare the flavor/vapor, the VapCap is worth at least 3 times of the price so if you are looking for an inexpensive vaporizer to begin with or to help you out, the VapCap is an excellent choice.

Here is a video presentation of the VapCap Original vaporizer by Dynavap:

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