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NonaVong-S Standard Mouthpiece - Vapcap Dynavap – Portable Vaporizer

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The vaporizer NonaVonG-S Standard mouthpiece (ex Ti VonG-S) is Dynavap’s portable vaporizer composed of a nonagon geometry (9 facets), with a wooden body and mouthpiece made of non-exotic wood.

With a maximum diameter of 14mm, it is composed of wood, titanium and steel, it is also light and robust. Concerning the Cap it is made of stainless steel just like any Dynavap vaporizers.

Torch lighter, transport case, mix of plants offered.

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The NonaVonG-S (ex Ti VonG-S) is the wooden version with a spinning mouthpiece made of classical wood of the VapCap Original by Dynavap.

Available in various types of wood (Cocobolo and Blackwood).

One of its kind, the vaporizer NonaVonG-S, thanks to its design, can’t roll on or under a table and its bowl and mouthpiece don’t have any contact on the surface you put them on.

You can put it where you want even with the Cap still hot without any risks of damaging your surface.

With its 14mm of diameter, it can be inserted instantly in nearly every bongs with its female type joint of 14mm.

We said “nearly” because a deep enough joint is necessary to do the junction so be careful with the small bongs of less than 15cm of height.

The NonaVonG-S vaporizer is a really small, non-electric, portable vaporizer because it works – ideally – with a torch lighter OR any other heating source, just like its predecessor and competitor the Vaponic.

The true innovation of Dynavap, that can be found on any of their portable vaporizer, is the control of the temperature thanks to a sound.

Once the vaporization temperature is reached (around 190°C) the cap of the vaporizer emits a sound like “Click” followed by another click indicating you that you have to stop the heating immediately.

The temperature is more or less controllable according to the heating spot. See the figure below.

Furthermore, a small hole placed on the device, right under the mouthpiece, is here to allow you to regulate more or less the air path and so the density of your inhalations.

Moreover, its size and its way of being use are what makes this inexpensive portable vaporizer perfect for resins.

To sum up, the NonaVonG-S VapCap is a really ingenious and easy to manipulate portable vaporizer.

The NonaVonG-S VapCap is part of a special collection of portable vaporizer with a body made of rare wood, carved on 9 facets, with a mouthpiece made of wood, created by Dynavap.

The bowl, called Titanium tip and manufactured in titanium, can produce a pure and intense vapor if you want to.

The only part made of stainless medical steel is the cap, the small piece that closes the bowl and you have to heat up.

The flavors and density produced by the NonaVonG-S are astonishing, its size, its weight (9grams) and its easiness of manipulation are just amazing.
It’s a must have for any true amateur of vaporizers who needs an additional portable vaporizer of quality.

Purchasing a vaporizer NonaVonG-S Titanium DynaVap includes receiving:

-1 Vaporizer NonaVonG-S

-1 Transport stem Dynavap


-A 10 grams Mix of plants offered (Damiana or other plants)

-1 transport case offered by LCV

-1 turbo lighter offered


The turbo lighter is a small lighter which works with a vapcap but a good torch lighter will allows you to heat your vaporizer Dynavap faster.

Want to purchase a torch lighter of your choice?

Find all of our lighters for portable vaporizer here.

Technical characteristics for the vaporizer NonaVonG-S Dynavap:

-Body made of rare exotic wood either Cocobolo or Blackwood.

-The wood used for this is coming from certified forest which mean that it is coming from an ecological production respectful of the environment.

The Blackwood - Dalbergia melanoxylon is a small tree measuring 4 to 15 meters of height coming from Africa (Angola, Ethiopia, Tanzania, etc…) its wood is dense and shiny. Its color can go from reddish to pure black. It is sometimes called Mozambique ebony. It is a wood of really good quality that can be sold at huge prices on the market. It was used before by the furniture manufacturers during Ancient Egypt.

The Cocobolo is a tropical wood coming from Central America. It comes from trees of the Dalbergia family. The most famous is the Dalbergia Refusa, a tree with a height of 23-24 meters. Only the heart of the wood is used: it is generally orange or reddish-brown.

The wood is dense which makes it robust when it comes to contact with water. The heart of this wood is composed of oil which gives it a strong and easily recognizable floral scent. This scent is not on the vaporizer.

-Lightly squared body which prevents your vaporizer to spin and fall from the table but also prevents the contact between the mouthpiece and the ground, the same goes for the bowl which don’t touch the surface on which the NonaVonG-S is put.

-One of the edges of the NonaVonG-S is chiseled, (the one with the hole) this helps you to find the hole to block with your finger just by touching it without having the necessity to look at your vaporizer. Really handy!

-Truly small: 92mm

-Weight: 9 grams

-Really light

- Diameter of the body 14mm - compatible with nearly every bongs with 14mm female type joints as long as the joint is deep enough.

-Heats in a few seconds (3 to 5 seconds) with a torch lighter.

-Can be heated with any source of heat (candle, ember, bulb, etc.)

-Very well rendered aroma

-Temperature more or less variable when you know how to handle it, according to where you put your lighter during the heat.

Instruction manual for the vaporizer NonaVonG-S Dynavap:

First, we advise to train yourself with an empty vaporizer without any substance inside.

-Take off the metal cap of NonaVonG-S.

-Fill the bowl in stainless steel of the NonaVong-S.

-Close the NonaVonG-S vaporizer Dynavap’s cap

- Heat the NonaVonG-S on the side of the Metal cap and spin it at the same time, until you hear a click (which will be followed with a second one)

- WARNING: DON’T HEAT BY THE TIP!! Only on the sides of the cap (see the video below).

-After the first click, stop the heating and inhale. We invite you to inhale while plugging the hole with your finger and without plugging it to see the temperature difference it creates.

-Before relaunching the heating:

-Wait a 3rd click then a 4th one (or 30 seconds if you didn’t hear anything) to let it cool down.

-Then you will be able to start again the process and heat it until you hear a click and so on until your bowl is entirely vaporized (burnt brown plants and no more vapor).

- Once you vape session is over, let your NonaVonG-S cool down then, empty it and if necessary repeat the same action.

-To fill and empty the bowl of your NonaVonG-S a single aspiration then a single blow inside are enough.

However be careful to not burn yourself, don’t forget to let your NonaVonG-S cool down before putting your fingers on it.

How to clean up the NonaVonG-S Dynavap?

Cleaning this portable vaporizer is quite easy and fast, here is the process we advise you.

Disassemble totally your vaporizer NonaVonG-S Dynavap

Put each piece, except those made of wood, into boiling water for 1 minute.

Take them out, wipe and soak them inside a ziploc bag containing 90° alcohol during 2 minutes then shake a little.

Remove them from the bag, rinse them with clear water then soak them into boiling water containing a bit of limpuro type cleaning product (or other) during 5 minutes.

Rinse with clear water.

Here you go, your vaporizer NonaVonG-S is as good as new, without any smell and ready to follow you wherever you go and where you want to take it.


Our point of view after a test and a review of the vaporizer NonaVonG-S VapCap:

You miss your rolled up cigarette in the corner of your mouth or between your fingers?

Perhaps it’s because you were using a classical vaporizer…

This lack of cigarette is now over with a VapCap that can be hold just like you hold a rolled up cigarette.

The big difference between the NonaVonG-S and the “M” or the omnivapes and Ti Woody made By Dynavap, is its body made of rare wood shaped in 9 facets, on one side the hole can be spotted with a simple touch because this facet is chiseled and the others not, on the other side it can be installed without touching the support at the level of the extremities, and it won’t roll.


The NonaVonG-S is working really well just like the “M”, the OmniVaps or the VapCap Original, it will surprise you by its easiness of manipulation.

The control of the temperature thanks to the Click sound is truly ingenious and allows a total and without combustion vape experience.

Its components allows it to produce well rendered aromas and a fast and complete extraction of the active ingredients.

The NonaVonG-S is, like every vaporizer from the VapCap Dynavap collection, already considered as a really good portable vaporizer.

Robust, discreet, entirely cleanable, it will rapidly become your all-around vaporizer to take with you wherever you go.

A must have for any vape enthusiast and moreover a really good extra vaporizer.

If we only compare the render of the flavor / vape the NonaVonG-S is clearly worthy of any vaporizer at the same price, so if you’re looking for a small and discreet vapo to begin or as a substitute, the NonaVonG-S is an excellent match for you.


Differences between the vaporizer NonaVonG-S and the OmniVap of Dynavap:

Every portable vaporizer of the Dynavap Brand are equipped with the same heating piece which indicates the temperature with a “Click”, its name is The Cap – made of stainless steel.

The main difference is in the body of the vaporizer VapCap because it is made of rare wood and can be switched on the NonaVonG-S version.

Spinning mouthpiece on the NonaVonG-S just like on an Omnivap but no adjustable air flow.

Differences between the vaporizer NonaVonG-S and the VapCap Original by Dynavap:

Every portable vaporizer of the Dynavap Brand are equipped with the same heating piece which indicates the temperature with a “Click”, its name is The Cap – made of stainless steel.

The main difference is in the body of the vaporizer NonaVonG-S which is made of wood whereas it is made of glass in the original VapCap

Here is a presentation video about the vaporizer VapCap by DynaVap, the NonaVonG-S is functioning similarly:

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