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Fenix Mini Vaporizer – Portable Vaporizer Weecke

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The portable vaporizer Fenix Mini by Weecke is a vaporizer 100% convection with an adjustable temperature system with an accuracy of one degree, from 160°C to 221°C

It benefits of an efficient heating system equipped with a convection system really well made.

With its 50 min of autonomy and its reduced size, the Fenix Mini is a real success.

Good flavors are to be expected!

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Est-ce pour des plantes / substrats résineux uniquement ou aussi des huiles essentielles / concentrés?pour des plantes /substrats résineux uniquement

The portable vaporizer Fenix Mini by Weecke is a vaporizer 100% convection with a temperature adjustable with an accuracy of one degree from 160°C to 221°C.
Released in June 2017, made in China, it is a fierce competitor of the vaporizer Crafty by Störz&Bickel.

Even if the Fenix is less powerful than the Crafty, it benefits of a more economical and a process of convection very well made.

With its 50 min of autonomy, its charge via USB and its small size, the Fenix Mini is a real success.

Good flavors are to be expected!

The vaporizer Fenix Mini is the little brother of the vaporizer Fenix, it propose a heating system 100% convection with a bowl in stainless steel

This heating system allows a very well render of aromas which lasts during a long time, quite thick puffs, and half-heated vapor. This also allows to maximize your battery via an efficient extraction of the active ingredients.
The size of the bowl (0.15g), and the heating process via convection, are what makes the Fenix Mini an economical vaporizer because it will vaporize your plants slowly and softly.
Its bowl made of stainless steel allows to draw quite thick puffs for a vaporizer working with convection, and that, without a strong inhalation.

The OLED screen of the portable vaporizer Fenix Mini displays the set temperature and the effective temperature, including the number of seconds left before the automatic shut off.
Clearly not as regular as a Crafty or a Mighty in the preservation of the temperature during the inhalation, the Fenix Mini ensures you a temperature close to the one indicated just like any good vaporizers and top range vaporizer of the market.

Nice side of the product, a red LED then green one, indicates you, discreetly, that the selected temperature is reached with a soft sparkle in the vapor path made of glass.

Buying a vaporizer Fenix Mini includes receiving:

-A vaporizer Fenix Mini Vaporizer unit

-A silicon joint + replacement screens pack

-An USB cable


-Cleaning brush


-Tank in quartz for concentrates.


-A 10g mix of plants given for free (Damiana or others)

-1 transport case offered by LCV

Technical characteristics of the vaporizer Fenix Mini by Weecke:

-Adjustable temperature on an OLED screen from 160°C to 221°C

-Heating system 100% convection

-Heats in 30 seconds

-Bowl in stainless steel

-Size 5 x 8 x 2.5cm

-Weight: 135 grams

-Red or green light with a backlight in the vapor path

-Cartridge for concentrates in quartz provided

-Compatible with dry plants, resins and concentrates of plants

-Half-heated vapor

-Usable during the USB charge

-USB plug under the device

-Recharging time: 2h max

-Autonomy: 50 min max

-Auto-shut off every 4min

-Compatible with plants, resins and concentrates

-Vapor path with a discreet backlight

Instruction manual for the vaporizer Fenix Mini by Weecke:

The bowl can be reached with a simple unclipping of the mouthpiece

Fill the bowl without packing the products for an optimal result. This allows a homogeneous air flow without mixing easily your plants during the session.

Once the bowl is filled and closed:

-5 successive presses turns on the vaporizer Fenix Mini and launch the heating. It starts with a 4 minutes cycle before turning off automatically

-The OLED screen indicates the actual temperature, and a red LED light softly the mouthpiece and indicates the level of heat.

-Once the temperature is reached, the screen stays fix and the LED turns green.

-Now you can draw

-Remember, just like with any vaporizer, the slower you draw the bigger the puff will be, the stronger you draw the smaller the puff will be, because the air didn’t have time to heat enough and cool down in the bowl.

-Your vaporizer Fenix Mini stay on during 4 minutes before turning off and a counter for seconds activates on the OLED screen.

-Your battery level and selected temperatures also appears on the OLED screen.

-To restart your vaporizer, 5 successive presses are enough.

To know when your session is over, you have to take a look at your plants because they won’t produce vapor and taste anymore once the maximum temperature is reached, 221°C on this vaporizer. Generally two or three sessions at maximum temperature are enough to end one dose, which represents 8 to 12 minutes, making the Fenix Mini an efficient vaporizer in terms of extraction.

Our conclusion, after a test, opinion, video and review of the portable vaporizer Fenix Mini by Weecke:

With a really good workmanship and a good grip, the Fenix Mini is a real success and a vaporizer with a good price-quality ratio.

Its size, its autonomy and its adjustable temperature with an accuracy of one degree are making it a real competitor of the Crafty.

Just like the Fenix, its convection process astonished us… maybe more than a Crafty. The terpenes, aromas are well rendered.

Want to buy / purchase a vaporizer? Got a question before or after buying the vaporizer Fenix Mini? Our vape enthusiast team is at your disposal at our service: +331. Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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